Learn Jazz guitar and be free!

One of the most rewarding music experiences happens when you pick your guitar, take a deep breath and simply watch beautiful, meaningful and sophisticated music come out of your fingers, into the instrument and out to your ears and heart! Instant powerful manifestation of pure magic that can heal anything and can mesmerize any audience – or even just yourself. Well, for me that’s what jazz guitar means! And I can help you with that! Let’s talk about my online courses, videolessons and Skype lesson! Subscribe to my mailing list and send me a message, ok? All the best from Brazil

With more than 25 years of practice as a guitar teacher, what I value the most is to help the student to embrace his own creativity with passion and confidence towards his music expresion regardless of his skill level.

Through the years I have performed and taught in several international music festivals. From which I highlight:

  • Annual Conference ISIM – International Society for Improvised Music in Evanston, IL, USA (2007);
  • Y2KX, International Live Looping Festival Santa Cruz, CA, USA (2010);
  • FILE – Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica em São Paulo (2008);
  • Y2K16;
    International Live Looping Festival in Mexico City and Guadalajara, MEXICO (2016).